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The HeauXXXcast is dedicated to providing the Pole Dance and Aerial sports community with the most engaging and informative conversations around everything related to and tangential to our sport. We will discuss everything from competing, strength training, pre-hab and re-hab, sexuality, mental health, great products and so much more.

Listen to our Intro music created for us by @thejinglelady_ and watch this AMAZING video created by the beautiful and talented @theshostopper

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Solo Episode

S2E1: I'm Gonna Take a Deep Breath

Welcome to the first episode of Season 3. I am starting the season off with a solo episode because I needed to be vulnerable with you as we head into 2024.  In this episode I explain:  My absence and the absence of new episodes at the end of the year. I share with you some exciting news. (spoiler alert, I bought an Aerial Studio). I get super vulnerable about my mental health over the holidays and my fears for the future. I share my thoughts about the new movie "The Color Purple" (spoiler alert its amazing). I give you my new mantra for 2024 (spoiler alert its a song from the movie).  I hope you like this episode and don't mind that I shared some personal shit with you. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed please reach out and maybe we can help each other.

Season 1 Episode Guide

S1E0 - Who, What When Where and Why

S1E00 - Emonie's Closet

S1E1 - Improvly Speaking w/ Dayna Gowan

S1E2 - The Ooey Gooey Jax Spencer

S1E3 - Collen Jolly is Taking Over the World

Season 2 Episode Guide

S2E1 - SWAN - Superior Wellness and Nutrition

S2E2 - Blast Your Strength Training to Beast Mode

S2E3 - Sexual Health w/ J. Marie of @boobtionary

S2E4 - Adriane The Fierce

S2E5 - @dancelegz a True Renaissance WomanS2E6

S2E6 - The Sho Stopper

S2E7 - Accessorize Your Pole Journey

S2E8 - Plus Size Pole w/ Arlisa Rosser

S2E9 - Spiritual Constipation with Stephen Ladd

S2E10 - From Rage to Redemption with the Magic Man JL Holdsworth

S2E11 - Female Sexual Dysfunction with @alex_kikel

S2E12 - My Journey With Be Activated: How the Voodoo Changed My Life

S2E13 - The Pole Circus With Salis Charming

S2E14 - Indian Clubs with James Neidlinger

S2E15 - Twinning With Poundcake from @naughtygoddexx

S2E16 - Money Gun Carol aka @shesabadthang

S2E17 -  Ellie Klein of @jelliebend

S2E18 - The Betty Genesis

S2E19 - Holding Middle Ground with Tamara

S2E20 - 8 Grannie and 1 Grandpa Dance Troupe