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The HeauXXXcast is dedicated to providing the Pole Dance and Aerial sports community with the most engaging and informative conversations around everything related to and tangential to our sport. We will discuss everything from competing, strength training, pre-hab and re-hab, sexuality, mental health, great products and so much more.

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Season One Episode Guide:

 S1 E0 - The Introduction Episode

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Welcome to The HeauXXXcast your new favorite podcast about all things related to (and tangential to) the aerial sports.  In this introductory episode you get to hear from me, Susan, the HeauXXXcast host, about why I wanted to start this podcast.   Its a short episode but hopefully by the end you will see my vision and be willing to jump on this crazy train with me.  In future episodes I hope to talk about everything from sexuality to strength training and rehab and I hope you will share with me the topics that you are most interested in hearing about or learning about.  I game for anything as long as it makes us all better.  

S1 E00 - Emonie's Closet

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Heaux Apparel is excited to announce its new partnership with Emonie's Closet. We are currently r unning a contest on social media to raise fund and awareness of this organization and we look forward to doing more in the future.  At first, this was just going to be a short episode introducing Emonie's Closet so that you knew what you were out there shaking your booty's for in the #twerkforyourturkey giveaway.  But, once Leigh Trahan Canada, the founder of Emonie's Closet began to tell her story, I was hooked.  There was no way to short cut all that she had to share.  The first half of this episode we learn all about Emonie and the second half we learn how her legacy is impacting children in foster care in the Atlanta, GA.  This episode is airing on Sunday, November 13th which is Emonie's birthday.
I am so glad that we were able to get it all edited quickly so that we could honor this amazing young lady on the day of her birth.

S1 E1 - Improvly Speaking w/ Dayna Gowan

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In this episode I sat down with my "Bestie from the Leftie" aka Dayna Gowan my best friend and the owner of Improvly Speaking.   Improvly Speaking is a business that uses Improv games to teach better public speaking and communication skills in the workplace.  We talked about how these skills translate into daily life skills and into the skills we need to be great in our sport. 

S1 E2 - Jax Spencer 

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This episode is for everyone who isn't already head over heels in love with Jax Spencer.  Jax is the owner of The Pole Academy in Greenville, SC and one of the baddest dancers we know.  She was also one of the first supporters of Heaux Apparel as an Am-Bad-Ass-Adore.  We talk about how she got started in dance and how that led to her owning her own studio. Gives some great advice for anyone looking to do their first competition and for advanced competitors looking for an edge.  And, we hit on the criteria she is looking for in someone who wants to submit for consideration to perform in the Creepy Showcase at PoleCon 2023.
S1 E3 - Colleen Jolly