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The HeauXXXcast is dedicated to providing the Pole Dance and Aerial sports community with the most engaging and informative conversations around everything related to and tangential to our sport. We will discuss everything from competing, strength training, pre-hab and re-hab, sexuality, mental health, great products and so much more.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

S1E0 - Who, What When Where and Why
S1E00 - Emonie's Closet
S1E1 - Improvly Speaking w/ Dayna Gowan
S1E2 - The Ooey Gooey Jax Spencer
S1E3 - Collen Jolly is Taking Over the World

Season 2 Episode Guide

SWAN - Superior Wellness and NutritionSeason 2 Episode 1: SWAN - Superior Wellness and Nutrition

Episode Release Date January 17, 2023

This week Heaux Apparel speaks with Toni Boyer, owner of SWAN (Superior Wellness and Nutrition).  SWAN is all about exploring the way Toni can help the pole community with the health side of training including nutrition, daily habits, and self talk.


The HeauXXXcast S2E2: Kirsten MariaSeason 2 Episode 2: Blast Your Strength Training to Beast Mode

Episode Release Date January 31, 2023

In this episode Heaux Apparel speaks with our friend Kirsten from @kirsmariawellness.  Kirsten’s goal is to help the community realize that at any level, strength training can enhance overall quality of life.


BoobtionarySeason 2 Episdoe 3: Sexual Health w/ J. Marie of @boobtionary

Episode Release Date February 14, 2023

This week Heaux Apparel speaks with Boobtionary’s J. Marie, a certified sexologist and coach. We have an intimate discussion on self-esteem, sexuality, and how the two can enhance AND hinder each other. We explore specific issues women have with intimacy and the pursuit of a fulfilling sex life.


Adriane the FierceSeason 2, Episode 4: Adriane the Fierce

Episode Release Date February 28, 2023

In this episode of The HeauXXXcast we speak with Adriane Wilson, a professional athlete in the Highland Games. Adriane is a longtime friend of Heaux Apparel and a legend in her own right. In this episode, we explore various lessons she has to offer as a professional athlete. 


Denise DanceLegzSeason 2 Episode 5: DanceLegz a True Renaissance Woman

Episode Release Date March 14, 2023

The intention for this episode was to talk with Denise, aka DanceLegz about how she got into skating. However, as you’ll hear we got distracted and talked more about life, dancing in general, and her background. Obviously, we will have to have her back on for an episode dedicated to skating, but where’s the problem in that? We loved having her on!  To show her some love, follow her on Instagram @dancelegz.


The Sho Stopper

Season 2 Episode 6: The Sho Stopper

Episode Release Date March 28, 2023

On the last day of PoleCon 2022 I had the good fortune to start talking to a beautiful woman who was browsing in the Heaux Apparel booth.  We instantly connected and had a long, wonderful talk about mental health and well-being and all the things we wanted for the women in the Pole Community.  A friendship was born, and I did not realize until a little while later that I had been in the presence of greatness.  I had the absolute good fortune to meet The Sho Stopper.  Color me FLOORED when I realized who I had been speaking with, and just how beautiful of a human she was.


Accessorize Your Pole

Season 2 Episode 7: Accessorize Your Pole Journey

Episode Release Date April 11, 2023

This episode of The HeauXXXcast is a solo one with just your host Susan Bartley.  The episode is all about accessories, all the things we use to help us get over the hump when we are learning new skills.  I chose to make this a solo episode because I did not want to debate the issue of accessories - I know people have lots of differing views on how, when and if you should ever be allowed to use a "crutch" to help you learn.  Instead of a debate, I wanted to lay down my philosophy, which I do in the first part of this episode, and then spend some time talking about some of the most universally used accessories on the market.


Arlisa RosserSeason 2 Episode 8: Plus Size Pole w/ Arlisa Rosser

Episode Release Date April 25, 2023

The conversation that Arlissa and I have in this episode is very important.  It took me a while to decide who I wanted to bring on the podcast to start the discussion on plus size women and pole.  One day I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a video with Arlissa and I just knew she was the the one I needed to speak to.  I was right, she is amazing and boldly tells her story and shares her wisdom.  We both agree that pole is for every BODY and that we have to get that message out. I hope you enjoy the episode.


Stephen LaddSeason 2 Episode 9: Spiritual Constipation w/ Stephen Ladd

Episode Release Date May 9, 2023

In today’s episode, I have the opportunity to sit and speak with my friend from Be Activated, Stephen Ladd. He is the author of the book Spiritual Constipation and is a certified CHEK Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist. He is a Level 2 Be Activated practitioner and a Reflexive Performance Reset practitioner. He holds multiple certifications for coaching golf.  Other coaching he participates in at the Level 2 Holistic Fitness is his jam, and he will talk us through his vision for HF and the culture around it.


JL :)Season 2 Episode 10: From Rage to Redemption with The Magic Man JL Holdsworth

Episode Release Date May 23, 2023

In this episode I was finally able to capture my magical friend to record with me.  You have heard me mention him in previous episodes, though not by name.  I usually refer to him as The Magic Man, because he is the one who brought me to Be Activated.  I have known JL for around 20 years.  I first remember meeting him at a powerlifting meet.  He beat was in the same weight class as my boyfriend and he was just this HUGE, angry ball of twisted steel and sex appeal.  Years later, in 2016 we met up with him at a conference in Toronto and at dinner he was telling us all about a system called Be Activated that he had been learning.  He had written an article about it, my husband at the time had read the article and signed us up for the next 4 day workshop.  At dinner that night JL did a little bit of work on my husband and got his arm from a shoulder that could barely raise up to being able to touch his nose with ease.  It was amazing voodoo stuff (and the backbone for the Activate Your Pole workshops I teach) and in the past 7 years Be Activated and JL have completely changed my life.


Alex KikelIn this episode I had the pleasure to speak with Alex Kikel about female sexual dysfunction.  I started following Alex on Instagram (@alex_kikel) several months ago and I find his work fascinating.  He works with clients to help fix biological dysfunction.  The breadth of issues that he tackles is amazing, and the results his clients get are even more amazing.  He works to make these changes with diet and exercise as a base, but then his forte’ is working on the biochemical side of the body.   He made a progress post on a client who was dealing with sexual dysfunction and he detailed what they did to fix the issue.  Having faced sexual dysfunction in the past, and knowing that there are virtually no resources for women who have issues in this area, I was intrigued.  Thus, this podcast was born and it is a doozy.  He talks about the female anatomy, the brain and all the chemicals that are needed to produce orgasm and intimacy. There is a good bit of science involved so I have created a cheat sheet to help you, and if you have any other questions please feel free to be in touch at heauxxxapparel@gmail.com.  I hope that you enjoy this episode.  Hopefully, it will be the first of many, as this issue is of vital importance to the health and wellbeing of all my beautiful Heaux’s.

To get in touch with Alex follow him on Instagram @alex_kikel or visit his website www.theprepcoach.com

Show Notes

Be Activated JourneyThe newest part of my Heaux Apparel journey has been to begin teaching workshops called “Activate Your Pole”.  Many of you have jumped on one of my free virtual workshops, and I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with some people as well.  I am hoping, that I will also be able to bring my workshop to your home studio, I believe that the techniques I teach are of a great value to our community.  “Activate Your Pole” use a system called Be Activated, which was created by a crazy South African physical therapist named Douglas Heel.  You can read more about Douglas and the system on his website www.douglasheel.com.  I came upon this system 7 years ago with my then husband, we had heard that what Douglas taught, could help my husband work through the disconnect he felt after a journey through cancer and cancer treatment.  I did not know then that the journey I thought was meant for him, would change my life forever.

Read More

The Pole CircusDo you know what a Pole Circus is? I didn't. I mean, I knew all about The Pole Circus, the virtual competition that is held twice a year, but I didn't understand what it all meant. The Pole Circus is an virtual competition that makes space for EVERYONE no matter what your level or what apparatus you want to compete on. That is so cool. She has created a space with no exclusion....only inclusion.

Read More

JamesIn this episode I have a great (and long) conversation with my friend James Neidlinger.  I met James around 2009 at a Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) in Minneapolis, MN.  We had both been invited to be assistants at the certification.  I didn’t know many people and was very shy back then (I know that is hard to believe) and James was kind to me.  Over the years we have kept in touch through social media and I value his extensive knowledge of physical culture.

I asked James to be a guest on The HeauXXXcast so that he could introduce Indian Clubs to the aerial community.  He learned all about Indian Clubs from Dr. Ed Thomas, the man who is considered to be the father of Indian Clubs here in America.  Actually, as you will hear, Indian Clubs and other similar implements such as maces, sandbags and even POLES are ancient practices that came from Indian and were spread throughout the world by colonialism and Buddhist missionaries.


PoundcakePoundcake is a pole instructor in Cali, the owner of Naughty GoddeXX and a super bad ass human. We met at PoleCon in 2021 when both Naughty GoddeXX and Heaux Apparel were brand new baby companies. Since then we both have grown, and it has been fun to grow together. Naughty GoddeXX specializes in pole clothes for chicas that are a 1X or above, and the clothes are designed to enhance all the curves you have to show.



Bad ThangI asked Carolina Lemmer aka @shesabadthang123 (Tiktok and Instagram) to come on The HeauXXXcast and talk about how to be your authentic self on social media and on stage.  If you know Carol, then you know she is the kindest, happiest person ever.  And if you have ever competed with her its the bomb because her infectious personality just helps to calm all of your nerves.  What I didn't know heading into this conversation is just how accomplished she is.  In brief, here is her impressive resume:
•    She is an instructor at Lush Movement Company in Evansville, IN and teaches a wide variety of disciplines from Pole to Burlesque
•    She travels to teach workshops, and is constantly taking classes and private sessions with some of the top instructors in our industry to learn, grow and keep her skills sharp.
•    She performs in showcases and revues all over the country.  You can catch her on September 2nd in Durham, NC at the “Dancin’ Thru The Decades” (more info @elevatedexhibitions) and on September 3rd in Atlanta, GA at the “Splash Bash” (more info @the_bad_teacher)
•    She is a professional dancer at Thickendales a Plus Size Strip Club in Atlanta, GA
•    She also has a ton of partnerships with clothing and accessory companies and posts some great fashion content on her Social media.


JelliebendThis week’s conversations is with Ellie Klein, founder of Jelliebend.  I was really excited to get to know Ellie because we have recently picked up her products on Heaux Apparel.  Ellie makes a waist warmer that works beautifully to keep your core warm and protected while you stretch, warm-up or practice your skills.  I knew the product would be Grade A when I saw that Ellie was also a contortionist, and that she put her skills into making the product that she needed for her own training.  As with most of my episodes, we began by talking about Ellie’s background, in her case a long history of top tier ballet starting from when she was just a little girl. From there, we jumped into her career in the world of finance and then ended talking all about Jelliebend. Oh, and we go off on a tangent on Venture Capital, Angel Investors and how Banks basically suck when it comes to offering help to small businesses.  I know you will love Ellie’s bubbly personality, and will resonate with the lessons she learned through her time in ballet.  I hope you enjoy the episode, and if you do don’t remember to pop over to www.heauxapparel.com and pick up a Jellibend waist warmer.


The Betty GenesisHeaux Apparel has gotten the opportunity to sponsor some really cool events over the past few years, but when I was approached about sponsoring "Death Becomes Them" I was 100% all in. I was so all in, that I knew I had to get the producer of the show, The Betty Genesis, on an episode of The HeauXXXcast to hype that sh*t up. If you are in Tampa, FL on Friday, October 13th, then you are going to want to be at The Brass Mug for an extravaganza of macabre entertainment.

Buy your in person and virtual tickets NOW at www.deathbecomesthem.com

In this episode we talk about so much, not just this amazing show. We also get into Betty's background as a dancer, what its like being a Burlesque star and raising 5 children (that a huge juggling act that only a Pro could do) and her job as a Doula. We even spend a bit of time talking about my worst nightmare....alligators. But hey, its Florida so alligators are fare game.

You can find Betty on Instagram and Facebook at: @thebettygenesis

Follow Death Becomes Them on Instagram at: @deathbecomesthem13