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The HeauXXXcast S2E2: Beast ModeIn this episdoe Heaux Apparel speaks with Kirsten Maria. Kirsten is a personal/group trainer at the YMCA in Sumter, South Carolina. We discuss how she got into strength training and how it has helped elevate her own aerial skills in pole and lyra. We nerd out on our mutual love of when strength training and aerial fitness meet and how they benefit each other. Kirsten’s group classes are offered at all levels and she is a master of adapting movements to an individual’s needs. This transfers over well into the pole world because modifications are important stepping stones. Kirsten’s goal is to help the community realize that at any level, strength training can enhance overall quality of life.

To show some love for Kirsten, you can follow her Instagram @kirsmariawellness. She is a fabulous Heaux Apparel #ambadassadore and her home studio is Elysium, located in Columbia, South Carolina.

The HeauXXXcast S2E2: Kirsten Maria