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The Pole CircusDo you know what a Pole Circus is? I didn't. I mean, I knew all about The Pole Circus, the virtual competition that is held twice a year, but I didn't understand what it all meant. The Pole Circus is an virtual competition that makes space for EVERYONE no matter what your level or what apparatus you want to compete on. That is so cool. She has created a space with no exclusion....only inclusion.


She takes that one step further as the curator of the Para-pole showcase at PoleCon for the last two years. She works tirelessly to create a space that is safe for everyone to dance in - no matter what your ability.


And if that wasn't enough, she is opening her own studio called Girl Next Door Fitness. There is nothing this beautiful lady can't do, and she made that perfectly clear in this conversation. I hope you enjoy listening to her. You can find her on Instagram at @ThePoleCircus and @GirlNextDoorFitnessLLC

 The Pole Circus LogoInternational inclusive Showcase & competition

We will have a lyra, silks and pole at the  live location. (this is a circus after all)

Our virtual last event had over 28 countries represented and we cross continents with our judges alone. We had a total of 48 performances all together with showcase and competitors.

Our events are scored heavily on performance, we encourage props, full face costume makeup, costumes/outfits etc.

Our mission is to unit all within the industry. To create a safe platform where we can all celebrate our art.

Visit The Pole Circus:

 Girl Next Door Logo

Visit Girl Next Door Fitness:

 Salis Charming Tall

Salis Charming Long