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 Adriane WilsonSeason 2, Episode 4: Adriane The Fierce

This week Heaux Apparel speaks with Adriane Wilson, a professional athlete in the Highland Games and a personal trainer at Athlete’s Arena in Ballentine, South Carolina. Adriane is a longtime friend of Heaux Apparel and a legend in her own right. In this episode, we explore various lessons she has to offer as a professional athlete for both beginner and advanced pole dancers and how the worlds merge. Adriane is an expert in structure training for sports that are multifaceted, and let’s be real - pole is multifaceted. Pole is an all-encompassing sport that requires strength, flexibility, mobility, and dance.

To show some love for Adriane, you can follow her on Instagram @adrisue, and check out @athletes_arena to see how the magic happens. To learn more about the Highland Games, search #highlandgames on Instagram and follow @ihgfoffical.