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GranniesCan you be sexy in your golden years? Society tends towards a big "NO!" to that question. Is there a place for the Senior Community inside the wider Aerial Community? If you asked that question you might respond with an "I don't know". The answer to that question was unchartered territory until the beautiful and talented Mica Saunders came along, threw convention to the wind and began teaching Pole Dancing and Chair Dancing at her local Senior Centers in Baltimore, MD. But lets face it, as talented as she is, Mica would not have been successful if there weren't students willing to take her class.


She brought Pole Dancing to the senior community in Baltimore, and that community said "Yes, please". From this the amazing dance troupe "8 Grannies and 1 Grandpa" was born. If you attended PoleCon 2023, you had the awesome opportunity to see these folks perform. They were amazing. I can't like, when the song "Brickhouse" came on, I thought the audience was going to come unglued. It was so much fun.


This episode highlights all the wonderful dancers from the "8 Grannies and 1 Grandpa" troupe. They introduce themselves, tell their story and talk about why and how the decided taking a Pole Dancing class would be a good idea. The conversation is awesome and we laughed a lot. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed interviewing them.