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Stephen LaddSeason 2 Episode 9: Are You Spiritually Constipated?

Episode Release Date May 9, 2023

In today’s episode, I have the opportunity to sit and speak with my friend from Be Activated, Stephen Ladd. He is the author of the book Spiritual Constipation and is a certified CHEK Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist. He is a Level 2 Be Activated practitioner and a Reflexive Performance Reset practitioner. He holds multiple certifications for coaching golf.  Other coaching he participates in at the Level 2 Holistic Fitness is his jam, and he will talk us through his vision for HF and the culture around it.

Fun facts about Stephen:
-His house is run by felines. We have that in common.
-His favorite exercise and least favorite exercise are one and the same!

To check out Stephen’s Renegade Transformative Life coaching, you can visit

Spiritual Constipation

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Stephen Ladd author of Spiritual Constipation
Stephen Ladd and Susan Bartley