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 Shes A Bad ThangI asked Carolina Lemmer aka @shesabadthang123 (Tiktok and Instagram) to come on The HeauXXXcast and talk about how to be your authentic self on social media and on stage.  If you know Carol, then you know she is the kindest, happiest person ever.  And if you have ever competed with her its the bomb because her infectious personality just helps to calm all of your nerves.  What I didn't know heading into this conversation is just how accomplished she is. 
Here is her impressive resume:

•    She is an instructor at Lush Movement Company in Evansville, IN and teaches a wide variety of disciplines from Pole to Burlesque

•    She travels to teach workshops, and is constantly taking classes and private sessions with some of the top instructors in our industry to learn, grow and keep her skills sharp.

•    She performs in showcases and revues all over the country.  You can catch her on September 2nd in Durham, NC at the “Dancin’ Thru The Decades” (more info @elevatedexhibitions) and on September 3rd in Atlanta, GA at the “Splash Bash” (more info @the_bad_teacher)

•    She is a professional dancer at Thickendales a Plus Size Strip Club in Atlanta, GA

•    She also has a ton of partnerships with clothing and accessory companies and posts some great fashion content on her Social media.  (List below)

I love this lady so much, and I know that you will too.  Make sure to give her a follow, as well as all of the great companies out there supporting her.   It is pioneers like Carol who are changing the conversation about beauty and fashion standards to thick girls, as well as sexuality and inclusion in the dance world.  The more we support bad ass women like this, the more we support our entire community.

Current Partnership Companies:
USE CODE: qxxw0590
Yianna Shapewear
Goddess in the Sky 
Girlfriend Collective
Tiktok Shop