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This page is a one stop shop for understanding what Activate Your Pole is about and how it can help you in your journey to be better on your apparatus of choice, but also just better in life.  On this page you will find blog articles, how-to videos, workshop reviews and testimonials from attendees and my one-on-one clients. 

The Activate Your Pole Workshops use the Be Activated system developed by Douglas Heel and are taught by Susan Bartley, owner of Heaux Apparel.  In the workshops you will learn:

* How external stress can lead to poor movement patterns and potential injury

* Strategies to bring your body back to a state of relaxation and performance

* Easy self-activations to unlock your breathing, psoas and glutes

* Use the Be Activated priniciples to be more fluid, graceful, confident, sexy and powerful on the pole and in life.

Take your time and search through the information and if you have questions you can email us directly at

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 2. LOL PoleFest

September 8-10th
Time TBD




Go straight to the source and find out what Be Activated is all about.  These are the principles that I follow in the Activate Your Pole Workshops.



My Story on 3000 Stories


Read a short article I wrote for the Be Activated stories series.  I have changed profoundly since I started learning the Be Activated system, this story is just a part of those changes.


Check out the articles that I have written for the International Pole Conventions blog. Each article walks you slowly into the activation sequence, with plenty of How-To videos and practical application.

1. Why Can't a Cadaver Do A Sit-Up

2. If You Don't Breathe You...Die

3. Now It's Time To Activate: Diaphragm Activation

4. We Got You Breathing...Now What: Psoas Activation Part 1

5. Psoas Activation Part 2

6. Let's Get Your Glutes Going


Check Out What People Are Saying About Activate Your Pole

Book a One-on-One Session

I am available for:

* Private sessions in Columbia, SC

* Via ZOOM virtually

* At Your Studio if there are enough people interested. 

Private sessions last approximately 1 1/2 hours and are $100.

For more information on booking please email Susan at

Check Out What People Are Saying About Activate Your Pole