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Denise "Dancelegz"The intention for this episode was to talk with Denise, aka DanceLegz about how she got into skating. However, as you’ll hear we got distracted and talked more about life, dancing in general, and her background. Obviously, we will have to have her back on for an episode dedicated to skating, but where’s the problem in that? We loved having her on! 

To show her some love, check out her resume below and follow her on Instagram @dancelegz.   

2018 - Current

* Urban One Honors (Hip Hop) - Doug E Fresh official rollerskating performer (TV One)  

* Brick TV - Roll Call  ATLANTA skate feature  

* Tyler Hubbard - “Baby Gets Her Lovin” official music video main roller skater 

* Lil Boosie - “Weekend Bday Bash” Official Skate Assistant   

* Midnight Market ATL Food Festival - Official Roller Skate Instructor   

* Netflix Series “Insatiable” featured skater  

* STARZ series “P-VALLEY” featured skater / background actress  

* HBO United SKATES Documentary - Tricks and Splits Chicago Scene featured skater  

* Co Author - “The Evolution of Skating Vol #IV” ITS OUR EXPRESSION  

* ABC Good Morning America “National Skate Day” Music video release /

* Atlanta Skater Dance Studio featured - Pole & Skate Entertainer / Instructor

Ballroom Roller Skating  Polerskating Mommy