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S2E10: The Magic ManSeason 2 Episode 10: From Rage to Redemption with The Magic Man JL Holdsworth

Episode Release Date May 23, 2023

In this episode I was finally able to capture my magical friend to record with me.  You have heard me mention him in previous episodes, though not by name.  I usually refer to him as The Magic Man, because he is the one who brought me to Be Activated.  I have known JL for around 20 years.  I first remember meeting him at a powerlifting meet.  He beat was in the same weight class as my boyfriend and he was just this HUGE, angry ball of twisted steel and sex appeal.  Years later, in 2016 we met up with him at a conference in Toronto and at dinner he was telling us all about a system called Be Activated that he had been learning.  He had written an article about it, my husband at the time had read the article and signed us up for the next 4 day workshop.  At dinner that night JL did a little bit of work on my husband and got his arm from a shoulder that could barely raise up to being able to touch his nose with ease.  It was amazing voodoo stuff (and the backbone for the Activate Your Pole workshops I teach) and in the past 7 years Be Activated and JL have completely changed my life.

In this episode we talk about Be Activated, and JL explains what it is and why it is so powerful.  But before we get there, he tells us his story…and his story is powerful.   He tells the story of a young boy full of rage with no outlet to deal with that rage.  He tells us how the rage fueled him to hold a world record in the deadlift, overcome debilitating injuries, become one of the best strength and conditioning coaches, own his own gym in Columbus, OH (2 locations) AND be the father of 3 wonderful children.  He also sets the stage for how learning the Be Activated System allowed him to control his rage and use it to better mankind and not just be a menace.

He is hands down one of my all time favorite people, and I hope you enjoy our conversation.  To stalk JL you can find him on Instagram as @coach_jl and at


 JL #1