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S2E7: Accessorize Your Pole JourneySeason 2 Episode 7: Accessorize Your Pole Journey

Episode Release Date April 11, 2023

This episode of The HeauXXXcast is a solo one with just your host Susan Bartley.  The episode is all about accessories, all the things we use to help us get over the hump when we are learning new skills.  I chose to make this a solo episode because I did not want to debate the issue of accessories - I know people have lots of differing views on how, when and if you should ever be allowed to use a "crutch" to help you learn.  Instead of a debate, I wanted to lay down my philosophy, which I do in the first part of this episode, and then spend some time talking about some of the most universally used accessories on the market.

Knee PadsKnee Pads

Floor work just hurts, unless you happen to have titanium knees or you have a great pair of knee pads. There are a ton of knee pad options out there.  Trust us, we have tried most of them, but i was never able to find a pair that had everything I needed.  Thick enough to provide the cushion I need but not so thick that it felt like I had a knee diaper on.  I also needed them to aid my climbing and skill work and not hinder it.  We designed these and they function exactly as we wanted them to.  Your knees will love them and the little bit of gripper material will help you stick to the pole when you transition to death defying skill work. 

Ankle ProtectorsAnkle Protectors

When you begin learning any of the aerial disciplines everything...HURTS SO MUCH!!  Why? Why does it hurt? How can something that looks so easy and flawless hurt everything??  Sometimes it hurts so much that it hinders progress.  Climbing hurts until you condition the skin but it is hard to condition the skin if it hurts so badly that you don't want to do it.  Enter the Heaux Apparel ankle protectors.  They give you a barrier between your skin and the hard pole and they have gripper contact points to help you stick to the pole as you execute your climbs.  These are great for beginners or anyone who has to hold an ouchy skill for awhile.
Gripper GlovesGripper Gloves

To learn the aerial arts you do not need any fancy accessories.  In most studios they have what you need to get started.  However, as you learn your particular weaknesses or fears it is good to know what accessories are out there to help you overcome.  Gripper gloves are one of those inexpensive tools that can really come in handy when you need them.  They are not for practice all the time, but they work really well on the days you need a little extra grip, or when you are learning a new skill and need to take you grip out of the "fear equation".
Heel BindsHeel Binds

Tired of slipping out of your heels? Not getting enough ankle support when you dance? Have you broken one (or ten) too many ankle straps on your favorite heels? Well, we have the perfect solution for you!  Heaux Apparel Heel Binds provide extra support and reinforcement to your existing heel straps. They give you the comfort and security you need when dancing, allowing you to focus more on your bomb-ass moves & less on whether or not you're going to lose a shoe or twist an ankle mid routine.

Grip LeggingsGrip Leggings & Clothing

Several companies sell clothing with silicone patterns printed on the fabric.  The silicone allows the wearer to a the pole.  One of the biggest seller of these products is CXIX.  They have leggings, chaps, bodysuits and so much more in a bunch of different colors.