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Ellie Main

This week’s conversations is with Ellie Klein, founder of Jelliebend.  I was really excited to get to know Ellie because we have recently picked up her products on Heaux Apparel.  Ellie makes a waist warmer that works beautifully to keep your core warm and protected while you stretch, warm-up or practice your skills.  I knew the product would be Grade A when I saw that Ellie was also a contortionist, and that she put her skills into making the product that she needed for her own training.  As with most of my episodes, we began by talking about Ellie’s background, in her case a long history of top tier ballet starting from when she was just a little girl. From there, we jumped into her career in the world of finance and then ended talking all about Jelliebend. Oh, and we go off on a tangent on Venture Capital, Angel Investors and how Banks basically suck when it comes to offering help to small businesses.  I know you will love Ellie’s bubbly personality, and will resonate with the lessons she learned through her time in ballet.  

Find Ellie on Instagram: @jelliebend and @ellie.unicorn.klein

Purchase a Jelliebend waist warmer from Heaux Apparel HERE.

Jelliebend Product #1
Jelliebend Product #2
Jelliebend Product #3
Jelliebend Product #4