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SWAN - Superior Wellness And NutritionThis week Heaux Apparel speaks with Toni Bowyer, owner of SWAN (Superior Wellness and Nutrition). At the height of COVID, Toni got a skin condition called Perioral Dermatitis. She was let down by the medical community and as a result looked for alternative ways to heal herself. This exploration led her to becoming a health coach. SWAN is all about exploring the way Toni can help the pole community with the health side of training including nutrition, daily habits, and self talk. SWAN was built on the idea of the ugly duckling theory, but the journey itself to becoming a SWAN, is Toni’s specialty. Everyone deserves to feel stronger, better, and happier on the pole and Toni is a testimony to that.

To show some love for Toni, you can follow her business Instagram @swan.healthcoach and her personal journey @belle.of.the.pole. Her home studio is The Pole Academy, located in Greenville, South Carolina and owned by the fearless Heaux Apparel #ambadassadore @jaxpole.
SWAN - Toni on the Pole