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Be ActivatedThe newest part of my Heaux Apparel journey has been to begin teaching workshops called “Activate Your Pole”.  Many of you have jumped on one of my free virtual workshops, and I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with some people as well.  I am hoping, that I will also be able to bring my workshop to your home studio, I believe that the techniques I teach are of a great value to our community.  “Activate Your Pole” use a system called Be Activated, which was created by a crazy South African physical therapist named Douglas Heel.  You can read more about Douglas and the system on his website  I came upon this system 7 years ago with my then husband, we had heard that what Douglas taught, could help my husband work through the disconnect he felt after a journey through cancer and cancer treatment.  I did not know then that the journey I thought was meant for him, would change my life forever.

Before you can trust me to come into your studio, or into your life, I thought it would be good to walk you through what Be Activated has meant to me over the past 7 years, how it has changed me.  Without Be Activated there would be no Heaux Apparel and no HeauXXXcast.  The truth is, without Be Activated there would also be no ME, I was numb, disconnected and felt very alone back then but I am more alive than ever now.  

I hope you enjoy listening to my history, and I hope it strikes a chord in you to learn more about what I teach and how it can help.  You can follow me on Instagram @ActivateYourPole or go to to read reviews and look through my workshop menu.