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Heaux Apparel has gotten the opportunity to sponsor some really cool events over the past few years, but when I was approached about sponsoring "Death Becomes Them" I was 100% all in. I was so all in, that I knew I had to get the producer of the show, The Betty Genesis, on an episode of The HeauXXXcast to hype that sh*t up. If you are in Tampa, FL on Friday, October 13th, then you are going to want to be at The Brass Mug for an extravaganza of macabre entertainment.

Buy your in person and virtual tickets NOW at

In this episode we talk about so much, not just this amazing show. We also get into Betty's background as a dancer, what its like being a Burlesque star and raising 5 children (that a huge juggling act that only a Pro could do) and her job as a Doula. We even spend a bit of time talking about my worst nightmare....alligators. But hey, its Florida so alligators are fare game.

You can find Betty on Instagram and Facebook at: @thebettygenesis

Follow Death Becomes Them on Instagram at: @deathbecomesthem13


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