There. Is. So. Much. Going. On. Right. Now.

We are beginning to get excited about International Pole Con in New Orleans at the end of the month.  A ton of new products are flooding into the warehouse, we have signed up for several showcases and classes and have started work on how to design a 10 x 10 booth space into an oasis of Heaux’s.

We even have special Heaux Apparel cookies being shipped to us so that attendees can get a little sugar pick me up between classes.  Look at how beautiful they are.


So much is happening that I wanted to take a minute and put it all down on paper because keeping up with this amount of joy is making my brain hurt.

First, lets tackle the new products we have:

Heel Binds: these gems were designed by Eva. She actually gave me a pair when I first started taking lessons with her – I guess she could already tell that I was going to need help walking in 6” heels.  Basically, the Heel Binds are a sturdy piece of elastic and Velcro that wrap around the middle of your foot and around your ankle to keep you securely in your shoes while you wiggle on the pole.  They also offer a bit of ankle support to help you look less like a baby giraffe and more like the svelte goddess that you are.  Check out our instructional video.

Heel Binds

Dancing Dust Body Shimmer: I can not tell you how excited we are for these products to get into our hands. They have a variety of cool glitter based pole grip but just wait until you see the powder version that comes in a vintage container with an actual body puff for application. I 100% think we will all feel a little bit like Marilyn Monroe as we glitter ourselves up.  There is also a liquid version and a version with menthol.  I am super excited about the menthol because it sounds like a god send for those times when your thighs feel like the skin was rubbed clean off.  Check out all the products on our website.

Dancing Dust Body Shimmer

Enviro Grip Smoove Pole/Period Shorts: I went 10 years without ever having a cycle and when I started back again I had no desire to go back to pads and tampons.  Thank God for period panties.  But the period panties I had did not look good under my pole shorts – it looked (and felt) like I was wearing a diaper.  Not sexy.   And then I saw an ad on Instagram for these Pole shorts with period pant technology and I knew I had to have them.  Because yes, I have a picture of me in a beautiful Genie on the pole and a tampon string waving like a flag in the wind.  I think these Pole/Period shorts are going to be a game changer for all of us.  Check them out on our website.

Smoove Shorts

SO MANY NEW TANKS & CROPS: We have 5 different styles of tanks and crops coming in.  We have riffed on the word Heaux for several making nice understated tops, and then tried our hand with some nifty slogans.  They hit soon and I can’t wait to share the new designs because they are fire.

 No Hassle2

Second, here is a glimpse of some of the cool things we are looking forward to doing at Pole Con.

Heaux Apparel is sponsoring two showcases: Black Girls Pole and the Queer Showcase. We are so very excited to be sponsoring each of these.  If you don’t follow Black Girls Pole on Instagram please do so now.  It is full of beautiful ladies, doing beautiful things and in general just making the world, and our pole community and better place.  I can’t wait to see the performers in action.  And the Queer showcase is just gonna be spectacular, I can feel it.  We follow several performers on social media and the skills are out of this world.  Look for us cheering everyone on at these showcases!

I’ve got to man the booth most of the weekend but do have a trusty friend coming along to help out. She had agreed to watch the booth while I take a few classes.  The ones I have chosen are: 99 Ways to Twerk in Heels and Liquid Motion, a floorwork class with Jeni Janover.  As a novice I am sure I am going to be way over my head in both classes but I know I am going to learn so much.  Be prepared for me to be a twerkin’ machine when I get back.  Plus, we are going to launch some pretty cool knee pads in the fall and they are going to be perfect to use when I am perfecting all the floorwork I’m going to learn.  Hooray!

Y’all, the weekend of Pole Con is my birthday and I am going to celebrate in style. My BFF who lives across the country is going to be there and my roommate is coming to help me in the booth and the three of us are going to eat our way across NOLA stopping at each and every bakery we come across.  If you are there and you want to join us just come by the booth (102) and we can make grand plans

As they used to say, I think that’s all the news that fit to print for now.  Stay tuned to our social media for all other news and for pictures throughout the weekend of Pole Con.  We are going to have a blast.  Oh and check out all the new products.  They are all online and ready to ROCK!




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