The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Hello Beautiful –

If you follow our social media then you will see I did a big push about a dissection class I was supposed to be attending this week.  I was planning to go live each night and discuss the things I saw in class and talk about how they relate to what we do in our training.

If you follow our social media then you will have noticed that I have done none of that.

It’s not because I’m lazy.  Its because of @%$#*& Omicron.

My ticket to Colorado was Sunday afternoon.  Sunday morning I woke up feeling punky and thus began the great debate.  Should I cancel and stay home on nothing more than feeling punky or do I go and hope its just allergies.  I decided to go.  The one caveat of the class was that you had to present a negative covid test taken within 24 hours of class beginning.  I was meeting a friend in Colorado and he had a rapid test for me, but to be safe I also did a PCR test on Friday hoping the results would be in by Monday morning (they weren’t, and still aren’t that’s how backed up our labs are). Anyhoo, my plane got delayed for lots of different reasons in Charlotte and as I sat in the airport I started feeling much worse.  About the time I was thinking about just calling it and jumping a flight home they started boarding so off I went. I got to Colorado at 11:30 pm (there time)/1:30 pm my time, got the rapid test, found a hotel and I tested positive.

So, of course they wouldn’t let me go to class.  And honestly, I felt like poo so I just hunkered down in the hotel, had food delivered to me and did my best to stay away from everyone and rest.  I flew home when it was safe to.  And here I am.

In my house growing up whenever anything didn’t go the way you wanted it to my mom would say “Best laid plans of mice and men”.  I was never 100% certain what that meant, she is a huge John Steinbeck fan so I figured it had something to do with the book but regardless it became synonymous in my life with things turning to shite.

I have nothing cool to show you this week on social media.  I have no cool hook to make you want to visit our platforms and see what’s going on.  And I am super bummed about that.  And honestly, even though I am on the mend it might be next week before I can pop off anything that is super amazing.  Bare with me, covid is a b*tch.

We do have a ton of new product that will be going on the website this week which is so exciting.  I am also planning some giveaways next week which will also be exciting.  And we have a pretty fun “free gift with purchase” that I am cooking up. So stay tuned for all of that.

Thanks for your patience.  Thanks for being amazing.  And keep slaying you beautiful Heaux.


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