Is It Ever Going to NOT Hurt?

Hola my lovelies –

This past week I leveled up on silks from intro to level one.  I was very excited because the instructor is super hard.  After we completed the test, she taught us a few level one moves.  I don’t know who out there has done silks, but for me it is the apparatus that hurts the most.  OMG, I didn’t know something could hurt that bad.  When she taught us the second move my body just bailed…big cup of nope, I’ve done enough, peace out.

It reminded me of a story.

Many years ago, I had a group of ladies that trained with me to get stronger and fitter. There were 3 of them.  All very wealthy women.  They trained 3 days a week.  Of the three, two had a lifelong passion with fitness and weight training.  The other one was very new to it.  This caused me to have to modify almost everything to fit her abilities.  There were days where she would complain so much that I had to back everything down to where she was doing barely anything, but that seemed fine to her so we rolled on.

One day, when she was particularly whiney, she fairly wailed to me: “Is it ever going to NOT hurt”

And I responded: “No, there will always be some level of discomfort…you will just learn to reframe what your idea of pain is”

A few weeks later she pulled me aside and said she had been thinking about what I said and that the distinction made it easier for her.  She had been coming from a place where at some point weight training would be “easy” and when that time never came (because I was always trying to challenge them) she got discouraged.  To her “easy” meant she was “good” at it.  The discomfort meant she was “bad” at it.  Reframing her thinking, centering it more around “it’s kinda always gonna suck so I have to embrace that and move on” made her realize that she was progressing each session.

I had to fall back on those words of wisdom for myself.  All of this hurts, pole hurts, lyra hurts, silks hurt, acro hurts but the more you do it, the less it hurts OR the more your body just deals with the pain and moves on.

So, this week when I swagger in to a level one silks or a level two lyra I will do so knowing that the pain is just pain and if I deal with it and move on then magical things are going to happen.

Rock on ladies. Keep kicking ass.



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