I'm About to Get All Vulnerable Up In Here

Hola Beauties –

This is not my style.  You have been warned.  I am about to get vulnerable.

Sunday, I got in a shipment of the first Heaux Apparel pole shorts.  I wasn’t expecting them, it was late in the day, and I heard a knock on my door and it was my lovely DHL carrier.  The box was big, I pulled it inside and with much fear and trepidation opened it. 

I was so excited that I poured myself a drink and then sat down and had a big cry.

Last January, almost exactly a year ago, I walked away from the company my ex-husband and I had been building for almost 20 years.  It was a good company. I loved it.  We sold weightlifting products and accessories to athletes around the world.  Our products were/are in the weight rooms of all the Pro sports, we were in a commercial during the super bowl, and used in various movies and TV shows.  Basically, if you were watching TV and someone was working out chances where you would see one of our products in the background.  It was so exciting, and I loved it.

But COVID hit and my marriage didn’t survive.  I was never an owner of the company, I wasn’t on the board, I was just an employee.  When I walked away, I walked away with nothing but a settlement.  I lost all connection to the business that I loved.

So, I started a new one. I started Heaux Apparel with the same goals as the last company…to help as many people reach their goals as possible and to give them as many tools as they need to do so.

The Pole community isn’t so different from the powerlifting community.  Both are about supporting people who are stepping out of their comfort zones to try something new, set new goals and push themselves.  Both are full of love and support and the excitement that comes with seeing someone succeed and succeeding yourself.

With Heaux Apparel I want to design products that work with every BODY and make everyone feel beautiful.  I want our products to fill the gap between fear and success.  I also want to curate other products that push this agenda.  I want a beginner aerialist to be able to come to the website and find everything he/she needs to get started, get better and triumph in our sport. 

I’ve added a lot of new products in the past few weeks, with many more to come.  The new pole shorts will be up soon.  They are super soft and stretchy velvet that feel like you are wearing nothing at all.  They have full coverage in all the right areas and come in regular and high waisted.  I am so excited about them, and I hope you will be too.

I also thank you for your support.



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