UPP 2.0

 AKA The Ultimate Progression Program 2.0

Heaux Apparel is proud to be an affiliate for UPP 2.0, the ultimate in home based Pole training brought to you by The Pole Power Academy. 

This program is for...

* Those who want to progress with a done for you plan.

* Those who are stuck/plateaued in their pole journey because they haven't nailed the foundations or are one sided.

* Those who don't feel confident or feel like they're not getting what they need from their studio classes.

* Those who are feeling rushed and want to be able to progress in their own time

* Those who want to build strength but don't know how, this has it all laid out for you

UPP 2.0 is created of Different Modules of Learning


Not ready to sign up, but still need some help?  Check out the complete library of books that The Pole Power Academy has to offer.  All are available here at Heaux Apparel, and ship with domestic shipping via USPS Media Mail.