Dear Friends,

When I started Heaux Apparel in March of 2021, I knew that as soon as I could I wanted to join with a charity and give back.  At the time, I had the perfect one in mind but when I reached out they were not at a place to bring on a new partnership.  I had to back up and punt.  It took some months to decide how to find the best partnership for Heaux Apparel, and in the end I went to you - my friends - and requested suggestions.  From those suggestions, I found the right organization to partner with. You can read all about Emonie's Closet below.  You can donate straight to the organization if you are so moved, there are donation links right on this page.  You can also just wait and through out the year we will be offering fun and creative ways to support Emonie's Closet.   Stay tuned to our social media platforms for all the latest information about our partnership and remember, it doesn't take much, anything you can do can help.  Let's work together to create a brighter future for everyone.

Susan Bartley, owner
Heaux Apparel

Emonie's Closet

Emonie's Closet
"A place where youth in foster care or who have aged out of the foster care system can come and shop"

Emonie's Closet has been created for foster families to "shop" free of charge. Clothes, school supplies, toiletries, books and sports equipment will be available to those currently in foster care homes within the State of Georgia. Kinship and/or a youth that have aged out of foster care are also welcome. 


Emonie's Closet is solely built on gratitude and love of donations.  Each foster family will be able to shop once per quarter. They will be able to select up to a weeks worth of clothes, a pack of new undergarments, a pack of new socks, new toiletries, a pair of shoes and (2) toys. Coats, sports equipment, school supplies and furniture will be provided on an as needed basis. If a new family member comes please let us know as well or if the current family member has a growth spurt within the quarter of allotted time.  We accept items back as long as they are still in good condition so another child may have use for them. 


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