I have been dreaming of this for awhile now and I want to make it a reality in 2023.  I struggle with pole flow and with an ability to freestyle.  Practice makes perfect, but I often find myself focusing more on tricks than flow so this is a way to make practicing my freestyle skills more fun.  And, hopefully, create a community of beautiful people who want to take this journey with me.

Here are the rules:

** These rules are incredibly loose, they are more like suggestions, we just want you to participate.

1. Go to your music and randomly select a song.  Don't choose a particular song, just close your eyes and spin the wheel and pick a song.  The goal is to make yourself dance to something you are not familiar with.

2.  Go live on Instagram or just video yourself doing a freestyle routine to the song that was selected.

3. You must move for the entire song.  I don't care what you do just don't stop moving.

4.  Some weeks, I may suggest a prop to use to up the game.

5. Once you are done tag us and use the hashtag #freestylefriday. 

We can't wait to watch you, and please be kind to everyone.