Pole Conditioning

  • Pole Conditioning

Pole Conditioning


The Pole Conditioning book is designed with beginners in mind to aid structure by providing a range of ideas to build strength and flexibility on and off the pole. 

Flexibility & On and Off the Pole Exercises

  • Front Splits stretch routine
  • Back and Shoulder stretch routine 
  • Master the Chopper/Shoulder Mount and Ayesha steps

Pole Conditioning is laid out in levels (Beginner to Advanced) that complement the Ultimate Progression Program and the Pole Tricks Volume 1 and 2. 

  • Beginner
  • Higher Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Higher Intermediated
  • Advanced

Includes follow along, step by step instruction from the most popular online courses at Pole Power Academy, allowing members to achieve AMAZING results time and time again. 

  • Master the Chopper
  • Master Shoulder Mount
  • Master Ayesha
  • Front Splits Flexibility
  • Bridge - Back & Shoulders Flexibility

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