Welcome to our boutique style studio.  Come join our community.  We lift each other up, literally.  Come learn from our award winning instructors. We are also featured in International Pole Sport Federation dictionary for pencil pole trick. We also curate the Parapole showcase in the International Pole Convention.  Come to lose weight, learn to move, or advance in techniques.  All ages, sizes and backgrounds; are welcomed.  It’s a community of empowerment.  We teach, conditioning, flexibility, dance, pole fitness.

Location: Girl Next Door Fitness
23103 Sandal Foot Plaza Dr,
Boca Raton FL 33428

Pole Circus

The Pole Circus is an international inclusive showcase & competition

We showcase lyra, silks, pole, and a few odd apparatuses you may have never seen before.  Our last virtual event had over 28 countries represented and we cross continents with our judges alone. We had a total of 48 performances all together with showcase and competitors.

The Pole Circus events are scored heavily on performance, we encourage props, full face costume makeup, costumes/outfits etc. This is a chance to be as creative as you want.  Our mission is to unit ALL within the industry and to create a safe platform where we can all celebrate our art.


The Pole Academy combines dance, fitness and the use of a vertical pole, of course. The pole is not just used for looks but for support. Like any other sport that involves an object, the pole is completely utilized during training and performances. Also, the more you practice – the better you will become! Pole fitness is quickly becoming the latest workout craze and if you’ve ever seen a video of a pole artist you would know why! Pole fitness is a cardio workout that demands the endurance to work with your own body weight. With every class you will feel muscles worked you didn’t even know you had! Poling involves dance (which we all know can work up a sweat!), climbing, and even inversions. Before daring to attempt the bolder moves, The Pole Academy has you condition your body to prepare for the advanced moves to come!

The Pole Academy LLC
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Greenville, SC 29607
Tel: 864.520.2834